Atmospheric Research Pty Ltd (ARPL) is an Australian owned and operated company established to develop and market atmospheric remote sensing technology, based on initial research by the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) Lower Atmosphere Research Group and users.

ARPL also delivers strategic consulting services with a strong background in Project Strategy and Engineering in both the private and public sectors.

ARPL has developed commercial variants of the Doppler acoustic radar (SODAR) instruments developed by ADFA, and the Radio-Acoustic Sounding Systems (RASS) developed by ADFA. The SODAR is used to determine wind velocities, while the RASS is used to determine vertical virtual temperature profiles. A small, high-frequency version of the SODAR (the mini-SODAR) is also made, which is well suited to prospecting for wind power sites.

ARPL offers an L-band electromagnetic wind profiler operating at 1270 MHz, for measurement of wind velocity up to high altitudes (several kilometres), in conditions of high ambient noise and wind. This can be coupled with sound sources to be a RASS-Sounder for temperature profiling to over 1 km.